Hannington Wine Society

Venue: The Function Room, The Vine Pub, Hannington, Hampshire
The 2nd Thursday in the month at 8pm (except January and February)
Barbara Macmurchy (bmacmurchy@hotmail.com)
40 members at present
Membership Fee:
£7 per year This is to cover buying glasses, water and biscuits, administration costs such as paper, ink cartridges, phone calls and postage.
Approximate Cost of Events:
The monthly costs are between £9 - £15 depending on the costs and expenses of the presenter and wines
Typical Attendance:
Average attendance is 25

Club Information

Hannington Wine Society was started in June 2005 for the purpose of helping everyone understand a little more about wine. We all love drinking a good wine, but when we are in the Supermarket or Wine Merchant and faced with such an array of wines, how do we know which one to buy? Do you experiment and hope that you will like it or go for the wine you have bought before and know you will?

You do not have to know anything about wine to come to our meetings, because that is why it is there. We learn in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, often noisy but fun. The people who are already members are a great friendly bunch, so you would not feel out of it if you came by yourself.

Visitors and guests are allowed, although members take priority if it is a full house.

We have people from wine merchants, wine companies, WSET, with a great deal of knowledge and a love of wine, visit each month to talk about a particular area, grape, company etc., this gives you the opportunity to taste and learn about wines from all over the world. We also visit an English vineyard each year and have visited the Champagne houses of Reims.

This way you get the chance to try a large selection of wines you would not normally have though buying and gradually you will expand your knowledge about wine and what kind you like.

Programme 2019
Thu 12 Apr AGM
Thu 10 May Argentina Rafael Gorella
Thu 14 Jun Sardinia Alessandro
Sun 14 Jul Garden party
Thu 9 Aug All Things Portuguese Mark Bedford
Thu 13 Sep Rioja Eddie Lewis
Thu 11 Oct South Africa Edwin Dorin
Thu 8 Nov Hidden Corners of Italy Quentin Sadler
Thu 13 Dec Christmas Party













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