Chester Wine Society

Venue : Central Chester
Meetings : Monthly except January and August, usually on a Wednesday
Contact : Michele and Louise ( or find Chester Wine Society on facebook
Membership : Open
Membership Fee : £10
Cost of Events : £20 per meeting usually, £25 for guests
Typical Attendance : 20-30 (max 32)

Club Information

We are a non-profit wine tasting club based in Chester . We meet approximately 10 times a year and each night will be a themed wine tasting. There is a speaker leading us through the tasting, but our evenings are informal with fun in mind.

There is also a basic buffet to soak up the wine, generally basic sandwiches or bread and cheese, but sometimes themed to the wine.

Each night costs £20 to cover wine, food and room hire, and payment will need to be received by the previous Friday in order to ensure we have the right amount of food and wine.

Membership will be £10 per year to cover admin costs. Non-members can attend at a cost of £25 as long as there are sufficient spaces. Any excess together with any excess from any of the evenings will be saved up towards the end of term event.

For more information or to join please e-mail  

Programme 2015
Wed 11 Mar South America Rodney Dercern
Wed 15 Apr French Wine The Coop
Wed 20 May Traditional vs Ccontemporary Winemaking Hannibal Brown
Wed 19 Jun Summer Blind Tasting
Wed 9 Sep Wine & Chocolate Corks Out & Rococo
Wed 7 Oct Start Planning your Xmas Wines
Wed 6 Nov Fizz Night Majestic
Wed 9 Dec Best of the Best of 2015












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